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Blue Name
(4/14/01 7:08:05 am)
How to join the chat channel:
We have a chat channel named TNZ on irc.gamesnet.net
The following is for people that do not know how to access Irc channels.

1. First you need an Irc Client. For this walkthru I am using Mirc version 5.82. This can be downloaded at www.mirc.com/get.html (It says you need to register, but it doesn't disable or anything after 30 days)
2. After Mirc is installed goto File : Options : Connect.
3. Click Add. This will bring up a box promting for information. Fill it out like this:
Description <Gamesnet.net>
IRC Server <irc.gamesnet.net>
Port <6667>
The other fields are not needed, click add.
4. Back on the main option screen select <Gamesnet.net> for the IRC server if it's not already selected (It will be at the bottom)
5. Fill out your name <doesn't have to be your real one>
E-mail address <again can be anything>
your Nickname <Your EQ name (i.e. mine is Laleren)>
Alternative: <another name if that is used>
6. Click the plus to expand Connect and click Options.
7. Where it says “If not connected within [ ] secs.. put 90.
Also make sure [ ]Try next server in group is checked.
8. Click OK
9. Goto File, and click Connect. (It will try to connect and you will see the "Status" window fill with usless information. (If a list of channels pop up after connecting, close out of that window)
10. Click Commands : Join Channel.
11. Type Tnz and click ok
12. Say "Hello" to everyone in the channel.

How to use emotes. The emote command for Irc is /me.
an example:
typing “/me hugs Ashara”
will show “Laleren hugs Ashara”

There are alot of other commands you can do, I'm not going to go thru them here.

Good luck and see you in the channel!
Laleren Santo'Forza
Holy Knight of the 44th Light
<Force of Valor>
- Tunare -