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March 06, 2002

Today on EQNZ: No More Ads! After complaints from a few people, I bit the bullet and paid for 6 months of service, so no more banners or pop up ads. /cheer


March 05, 2002

Welcome to the new Newbie Zone!

    It's only taken me a year and a half to actually start formatting the website part of this site (as opposed to the message board part of the site). Many thanks go out to the EZBoard crew, because if they hadn't fixed the bug with the way page visits are counted, I never would have had the motivation to make the site :).

    As of today, there's a links page (the same links that are down the side of the message boards), a link to the message boards, and a page with the info for joining the chat room. The Newbie FAQ is linked, but it's the same old one that Ellegon's still rewriting. There's a broken link for the Library, because I will be working on moving the posts that are currently in the Library fora on the message boards over to this site (since it now counts as a page view whenever you open one of 'em).


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